• Winner of the IDEA design Award

    INNOIO mini beam projector, winner of the IDEA design Award


    INNOIO’s ‘AIRXEL’ was selected as one of the TOP WINNERS in the entertainment section of ‘2015 IDEA Design Award’, taking the silver medal in one of the top three design awards in the world. AIRXEL is a mobile wireless mini beam projector which allows you to enjoy the screen of smartphone, tablet PC, or laptop computer with up to a 100-inch dynamic screen at home, in the office, or outdoors anytime, anywhere. It is half (19 mm) as thick as existing 200 lm (lumen) mini beam projectors but has the design and hardware to be used in everyday life. It is thin enough to easily be held in one hand and placed it in a computer bag. Normal mini-beam projectors are used in a fixed space where many people gather such as a conference room or a store, but AIRXEL is a personalized mini beam projector with maximized mobility. The mini beam projector market is expected to expand to personalized mini beam projectors, meaning users will utilize projectors with mobility as well as secured expandability to be connected with a variety of devices according to their lifestyle. AIRXEL is ahead of the curve, with its sturdy and sleek design as well as premium product material and components. AIRXEL has adopted an aluminum case, and the components have been arranged in a single layer in consideration of air flow to complete heat dissipation from the product.

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    INNOIO Technical Support 2015.11.06

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