Introducing the world’s thinnest wireless mini-beam projector.

With a weight of only 0.9 pounds, and only 0.7 inch thick, The best brightness capacity among products with similar specifications.

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Meet upgraded new AIRXEL S with NFC function.
DESIGN FOR SAMSUNG” is the mobile accessory partnership program, which is compatible with Samsung smartphones. A product must pass Samsung’s test to get “DESIGN FOR SAMSUNG” certification. AIRXEL acquired “DESIGN FOR SAMSUNG” certification, so Samsung phones are get close to AIRXEL, automatically screen mirroring will begin. No more inconvenience. Do easy wireless connection with a single tap.

World recognized design

Existing beam projectors mainly use plastic. The main body of the AIRXEL is made of aluminum, so it‘s resistant to impact. The AIRXEL uses deep gold and silver to create a more attractive and refined design. (* The aluminum material used in AIRXEL is provided through ultra precision processing using a patented surface treatment technology. The aluminum cover used for AIRXEL is also used for high-end protective smartphone cases. )


AIRXEL won a silver prize (FINALIST TOP WINNERS – Silver) in the entertainment section of U.S. IDEA 2015, one of the top three design awards in the world, and received high ratings for its thin and refined design, excellent mobility and wireless connection function. Consumers looking for the next wave of electronics High performance device for professionals Early adopters who are always one ahead of the curve AIRXEL is the global leading mini beam projector for all types of consumers. Stand out from the crowd with AIRXEL, a portable mini-beam projector compatible with any smart device. AIRXEL is available in two colors: sleek gold and refined silver.


Give a successful presentation at any time and anywhere using the office projector.



Create beautiful memories together with your loved ones using the beam projector while camping.


A must-have for everyone! You can relax and enjoy a moment of your own with the AIRXEL mobile projector any time, anywhere.


Use the AIRXEL to watch cartoons, movies, and play games in the living room. It’s fun for the whole family!


The best brightness capacity among products with similar specifications

AIRXEL, a wireless mini-beam projector, has a maximum brightness of 330ANSI and a maximum resolution of HD 720p. It utilizes the DLP CAIC (Content Adaptive Illumination Control) algorithm used by U.S. Texas Instruments, so it delivers excellent image quality through better resolution, contrast ratio and brightness in comparison to existing products and implements brighter, more realistic color using the TI DLP technology.

Wired and wireless connections supported

The AIRXEL is equipped with a wireless screen mirroring function, allowing wireless connection to an Android, iOS or Windows 8 or higher OS based smart device. The AIRXEL can also be connected through HDMI or MHL so that it can be used also for any device which needs to be connected through a cable. (*Restrictions may apply according to usage environments such as the type of smart device and OS.)

Always a 16:9 screen, just like a movie theater, regardless of the projection direction.

Fully automated keystone correction function When used at an angle, other beam projectors project the image trapezoidally. That never happens with AIRXEL. AIRXEL automatically senses and corrects the projection angle and always delivers a 16:9 screen, just like a screen in a movie theater. This easy-to-use feature allows anyone to have the perfect screen wherever they are.

Dual band Wi-Fi

AIRXEL supports both 802.11n standard 2.4 GHz and 5 GHz wireless frequencies. No matter which frequency the smart device, such as smartphone or I-phone uses, AIRXEL detects and connects to the best frequency automatically, allowing you to use it stably.

AIRXEL battery lasts for up to 4 hours of continuous use

AIRXEL has adopted an ultra-thin design and high-capacity battery so that you can enjoy it for a long time without regard to time and place


Built-in speaker

You can also enjoy excellent sound quality with AIRXEL’s built-in speaker.



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