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The perfect companion product for Smartbeam! Easily switch to a wireless connection anywhere, anytime.


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Use Smartbeam wirelessly Enables smart multi connections

The perfect companion product for Smartbeam You can connect the Dongle to Smartbeam wirelessly and view images on a large screen without using a cable. You can also connect it to a TV, PC, other projectors, or smart devices and experience a variety of functions of the Dongle such as watching IPTV through a smartphone, dual monitor, and wireless device connection.

Easily switch to a wireless connection anywhere, anytime

When a media device is connected to the Smartbeam, the screen of the media device can be viewed on the projected screen. The wireless Dongle is ultra light, so can be carried along with the Smartbeam. You can also connect it to a variety of devices such as a smartphone, laptop computer or tablet PC.


Compact and refined design perfectly matches Smartbeam

The wireless Dongle for Smartbeam comes in refined pearl white. When you turn on the power, the LED lamp on one side of the product turns on, emitting a soft purple light. To prevent overheating, the sides of the case are dotted. The wireless Dongle can also be used as a cradle for Smartbeam. The central part of the Dongle is designed to fit the bottom surface of Smartbeam perfectly and uses a silicone material to allow for stable connecting with Smartbeam.

Lasts for up to 180 minutes of continuous use

Despite the compact and slim design, the AIRXEL built-in high-capacity battery enables you to use it with Smartbeam with no restrictions on time and place.

Excellent expandability

View what you want, how you want.

1. Wireless provides more freedom.

AIRXEL allows you to switch from a cable connection to a wireless connection for Smartbeam, giving you greater freedom in how and where you watch your content.

2. Enjoy content from your smartphone on the big screen

When connected to the HDMI port of a TV, you can view content from a smartphone or I-phone on the big screen

3. Wireless dual monitors using PC and laptop computer

When connected to the HDMI or MHL port of a TV or PC monitor, you can enjoy content from a laptop computer through large dual monitors. (*Limited to PC or laptop computer with Internet WIDI function)

4. Use a corded projector as a wireless projector

When connected to the HDMI or MHL port of a normal corded projector, the projector is connected to the media device wirelessly, enabling more convenient presentation.


Wireless Dongle in the Package : Wireless Dongle, Manual, Charger cable, HDMIcable (Dtype to Dtype)


Screen Mirroring



Wi-Fi standard




Android 4.2이상

Windows 8.1

iOS 4.3 이상


3.7V, 1250mAh


80(W)x 80(D)x14.5(H)


5V/2A (Micro USB)



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