Adding Emotion to Smart Beam Art

Meet Smart Beam Art with upgraded performance and design! Smart Beam Art has been optimized for 40 ANSI Lumens, 1.2 times brighter and clearer compared to previous models.


Sophisticated Design in Color Cube Style

Smart Bean Art based on Pete Mondrian’s artwork of yellow, blue and red with the addition of color green in a beautiful combination and in a compact size(width and length of 4.6cm) and light weight(130g) for one handed use.


At home! During Camping!

Movies in My Hand


Watch Educational Videos Before Going to Sleep!

Watch animated fairy tales on a ceiling while lying with your children.


In Camping Tents! Outdoor Movies

Smart Beam Art turns your tent into a movice theater. Long nights of camping or travelling will not be boring with Smart Beam Art. Memories with loved ones with Smart Beam Art.


In Office! Presentation OK

Impressive presentation anytime, anywhere. In offices, meeting rooms, cafes, etc.


Automatic Device Detection

Smartbeam recognizes various video signals and automatically selects suitale mode.

Enjoy 100 inches of movies, games and other various applications just by connecting your device to the Smart Beam Art.


• Auto detection of devices that can support MHL, HDMI outputs.

• devices required video connector adaptors. (Sold separately)

High Resolution DLP Projection

High resolution DLP projection with 35 ANSI Lumens brightness projects high resolution image with higher contrast ratio compared to other systems.