AIRXEL SW Release Note ver2.2.12

AIRXEL SW Release Note ver2.2.12 

Update note

1. GUI images are totally changed.

2. Newly made Setup menu
: You can configure items below, instead of using web browser.
– Wifi settiing
– Language setting
– Direct connection (IOS) password setting
– Firmware update checking
– Tutorial mode on/off
– Keystone function on/off

3. Tutorial
: Tutorial mode enables you to learn how to connect with various smartphones and how to use the AIRXEL

4. Added more languages
: Added two languages, Chinese and Korean. You can choose the language in the setting menu.

5. Popup Menu
: Users can configure items below by press ‘О’ key while AIRXEL is mirroring.
– Keystone on/off
– Disconnect mirroring

General improvements

1. Web setting
– Users can configure AP connection through web browser in the IOS menu.

2. Remove Wi-Fi connection menu(Previous OTA setting menu)
– Users can OTA(Over The Air) firmware upgrade automatically while using IOS menu or check manually in the setup menu
– If there is a firmware which can be upgraded, then the firmware update menu will be activated.
– Wi-Fi setting : Users can connect with AP two ways, Wi-Fi menu in the setting and directly connect with AIRXEL through web browser.

3. Change key function for ‘selection’
: Before: ‘∨’key press and hold
> After: ‘О’ key press

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