INNOIO’s Dealer Operation Policy

Any dealer who accepts appointment and tries to maintain the status as INNOIO`s authorized dealer for the sale of the Products provided by INNOIO (hereinafter referred to as “the Dealer”) shall always comply with this Policy as follows;


1. Management of the latest sales information and disclosure of the location of every retail store dealing in the Products


During the period of maintaining the dealer relationship with INNOIO, the Dealer shall provide INNOIO with the latest and precise corporate information and disclose the location of its every retail store which deals in the Products.

The subject to be disclosed hereof includes off-line store, web-site which supports commercial transactions, and temporary store ( e.g. event, campaign, product exhibition, short-run store, and etc.).


2. Reports on sales volume


Upon the request, the Dealer shall promptly collect and provide information regarding approved sales volume by retail stores. To keep this obligation, INNOIO shall have the rights to inspect the sales of products and business performances or to conduct financial analysis.


3. Trade and brand


The Dealer shall comply with INNOIO`s Trend and Brand Policy below and indicate that it is an authorized dealer of INNOIO in all online advertisement and performance of business..

The Dealer shall be strictly prohibited to establish a company using INNOIO`s trademark nor register INNOIO`s trademark as its title of domain or user name for social media. The Dealer dealing in the Product shall only use the marketing materials approved by INNOIO for marketing and advertising.


4. INNOIO`s Minimum Advertised Price Policy


The Dealer shall perform all obligations, in connection with or, arising out of Minimum Advertised Price Policy of INNOIO.


5. of transaction between the Dealers.


The Dealer shall not sell, market, or distribute great volume of the Products to other Dealer or INNOIO`s Dealer who conducts transaction with other retail store. The Dealer shall only sell, market, or distribute the Product to an end consumer.


6. Purchase INNOIO`s products from authorized Dealer


Retail store shall not purchase INNOIO`s products from any retail store or source of supply not explicitly guaranteed by INNOIO.


7. Prohibition of alteration in the original packing


The Dealer shall not alter, deface, remove, or cover in any manner the original packing made by INNOIO for the Products. The Dealer shall strictly be prohibited from removing the packing and reselling the Products in the different package or with different name attached any other than INNOIO.


8. of official website and official marketing date


Except with the prior written approval, the Dealer shall use the official product website and marketing data provided by INNOIO and shall not alter, modify or change them without INNOIO`s permission.


9. No bundling of the Products without permission


The Dealer shall not re-designate stock keeping unit (SKU) of the Products nor bundle the Products with products manufactured by a company any other than INNOIO without INNOIO`s prior written approval.


10. Mass sale


Using its reasonable efforts, the Dealer shall assist and cooperate with INNOIO in preventing unauthorized importing of INNOIO`s Products. The Dealer shall try to retain, or possess any information related to the transaction including, name, address, telephone number of customers, and serial or model number attached to the Products, and date of transaction. Though the Dealer has no obligation to transfer customer information to INNOIO, it shall use this information for the purpose of sorting out the suspicious purchase pattern.


11. Customer`s confusion


The Dealer shall not advertise, market, exhibit, display or demonstrate other products with INNOIO`s Products together in a way to manufacture or recommend other products or to give any implication that other products are related to INNOIO.


12. Sale to customers within designated business area


The Dealer shall limit its delivery within the designated nation or business area where delivery destination is located. This limitation shall be applied to the online sale and delivery to an end customer, in case the Dealer`s business area does not include online channels.


13. Compliance with PCI regulations


The Dealer shall comply with PCI regulations in all websites owned or operated by the Dealer to support authorized commercial transaction.


14. Updated privacy policy management


The Dealer shall announce, retain, and maintain privacy policy in a publicly accessible manner.


15. Separate operation of off-line retail store from electronic commercial business


The Dealer shall plan and organize the inventory for the electronic commercial business separately apart from the inventory for the off-line store, and respectively provide precise figures regarding sales volume.


16. Safeguard for electronic commercial website and prevention of fraudulent acts


The Dealer shall take measures to keep electronic commercial website safe and prevent any fraudulent acts, which include double-certification, delivery limitation within permitted business area, and process to resolve the fraudulent act by a customer.


17. with laws and policy and customer satisfaction


The Dealer shall strictly comply with any relevant laws, regulations, rules and policy in selling, marketing, and advertising INNOIO`s Products and provide an efficient After Sales Services to meet minimum customary practice in the market.


In case the Dealer fails to comply with all regulations set out on INNOIO`s Authorized Dealer Policy, the Dealer may be suspended or terminated.