Wireless Dongle FAQ
Device connection
  • 1. When I connected Smartbeam and the cellphone it was not detected in the Wi-Fi list. What do I need to do?

    If a number of wireless devices are connected, connection status becomes unstable.Wireless connection may not be established smoothly due to the Wi-Fi signal interference of the surrounding environment. If wireless connection is not established smoothly, turn on the power again or move to a different location and try to connect again.Also, in order to minimize the surrounding interferences, it is recommended to make a connection at ‘5 GHz’.
  • 2. Can I connect Dongle and TV and watch images?

    If your TV is a digital TV and a HDMI port is provided at the back of TV, connect the HDMI cable to TV and Dongle, select the HDMI menu for TV using the external input key, turn on Dongle, and then connect the smartphone. Images are displayed normally in the NTSC method but images may not be displayed normally in the PAL method.
  • 3. How long does it take to boot up Dongle?

    It takes approximately 15 seconds to boot up. If you cannot use Dongle after connecting the charging adaptor to Dongle, the product requires inspection.
  • 4. While using Dongle my smartphone cannot detect Dongle.

    (1) Make sure that the HDMI (D type) cable is connected to the MHL/HDMI port of Smartbeam and the HDMI port of Dongle and then turn on Smartbeam and Dongle. (2) The Miracast function is supported in smartphones running Android 4.2 or higher (check the version of Android). (3) If you have followed the instruction above but your smartphone still cannot detect the device, A/S inspection is required.
  • 5. Wireless connection is not established smoothly

    Wireless connection may not be established smoothly due to the Wi-Fi signal interference of the surrounding environment.If wireless connection is not established smoothly, turn on the power again or move to a different location and try to connect again.
  • 6. What is the maximum connection distance between a smartphone and Dongle that operation is possible?

    Within 5 m. The communication status may change due to the surrounding environment.
  • 7. How can I connect an iOS device (iPhone iPad MacBook) wirelessly?

    (1) Connect the HDMI (D type) cable to the MHL/HDMI port of Smartbeam and the HDMI port of Dongle. (2) Select the iOS mode by pressing the Mode key next to the Power key of Dongle. (3) Activate the Wi-Fi function on the smartphone. (4) Find Smartbeam from the list of available devices for Wi-Fi access and make connection. (5) Open the AirPlay setup screen by selecting AirPlay from the bottom Scroll menu of iPhone and iPad or the top menu bar of MacBook and select Smartbeam to connect. (6) For iPhone and iPad, mirroring can be turned on or off. When mirroring is on, the screen of the smart device is copied to Smartbeam immediately so that you can watch it on the big screen. When mirroring is off, a media file will be played on Smartbeam only when the media file (video, music, photo) is played.
  • 8. How can I connect an Android device wirelessly?

    (1) Connect the HDMI (D type) cable to the MHL/HDMI port of Smartbeam and the HDMI port of Dongle. (2) Turn on Dongle, press Mode, and select the Android wireless connection mode. (3) Activate the Screen mirroring/Miracast function on your smartphone. (4) When the Screen mirroring/Miracast function is activated on the Settings of the smartphone, devices available for connection will be detected automatically. Select the Smartbeam device from the search screen. When the connection is made, the smartphone screen will be projected to the beam screen.
  • 9. The connection has been made but made but disconnection and block noises occur severely or connection cannot be made/connection is terminated.

    (1) If the connection is made using 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi, significant deterioration in the performance may occur. It is recommended to use 5 GHz Wi-Fi. (2) Frequent interferences may occur according to the surrounding conditions. Disconnection may occur frequently if many wireless APs are being used. (3) The wireless performance may vary significantly depending on the performance of the device which attempts to connect. (If you use an older cellphone or various tasks are being carried out on a device which attempts to connect, the deterioration of performance may occur. The problem will be relieved if the cellphone and IW100 are rebooted.) (4) If the back of the device is covered by a metal object or a hand, the antenna may be covered, causing the wireless performance to deteriorate.
  • 10. I connected the HDMI cable but the screen is not displayed.

    (1) This is the case that the wireless Dongle has not been booted up normally. You can solve the problem by restarting Dongle using the slide power button. (2) The HDMI cable may not be connected normally. Check the cable connection and connect the cable correctly.
  • 11. When I play content using an external player or streaming such as YouTube

    Some content has copyright protection restricting it from being played on an external screen and thus cannot be played on the projector.
  • 1. How can I check the charging status?

    The LED will turn red during charging, and after charging is finished, the LED will turn off.If the remaining battery level is less than 20%, the LED will flash blue.It takes 4 hours to charge the battery fully, and the fully charged battery can run from up to 3 hours and 30 minutes to 3 hours and 40 minutes.
  • 2. The LED on Dongle is flashing. Does this mean that Dongle is defective?

    Charge Dongle using the enclosed Y cable.
  • 3. Can both smartphone and Smartbeam be charged at the same time if the charging adaptor is connected?

    If using Smartbeam only, the cell phone will be charged and Smartbeam will not be charged. (the charging indication lamp is off).If using Smartbeam and Dongle, Smartbeam will not be charged but Dongle will be charged (the charging indication lamp is off. The cellphone cannot be charged since the cable is not connected).Smartbeam cannot be charged during operation.
  • 4. After charging Dongle for a certain period of time the charging lamp is not turned off when charging Dongle again.

    Dongle (IW100) is a model without MCU, and it can be charged only when the remaining battery level falls below 3.9 V.Dongle is not equipped with MCU so almost no leakage of electricity occurs while it is not turned off. If you wish to check if Dongle is charged normally, discharge the battery completely and then check if it charges normally.If the remaining battery level of Dongle is less than 3.6 V, the LED will flash, indicating that the remaining battery level is 20%.*MCU (Micro Controller Unit): MCU is the core chip which applies to most electronics, playing the role of brain for electronics and this non-memory semiconductor (system semiconductor) plays the role of controlling various characteristics of the product from simple time reservation to special functions.
  • 5. Dongle cannot turn on.

    Below 3.4 V: The power will turn off and Dongle cannot be booted up. 3.4 V-4.1 V: If charging is possible, Dongle can be booted up. The voltage is low so that booting is not available. Dongle can be booted up if you connect the charging adaptor. If Dongle has been charged, it may be an abnormality of the power slide button, which requires A/S service.
  • 6. Is the battery built into Dongle? / Can I replace it with a normal battery directly?

    The battery is built into Dongle and cannot be replaced directly by a customer. If the hours of battery use have been reduced, you need to replace the battery through A/S.
  • 7. Can I provide power to Smartbeam or Dongle using an auxiliary battery?

    The relevant model is designed in the way that an auxiliary battery can be used. You can charge the product using an auxiliary battery.
  • 8. Is there any way that I can check the remaining battery level?

    For Dongle, it is difficult to check the remaining battery level. However, when the charge indicator lamp flashes, this indicates that the remaining battery level is below 20%.
  • 1. The Initial settings have been deleted. Why is that?

    When you reset, the router connection information, language selection information, and OS information will be deleted.
  • 2. When using the product after accessing the AP mode using Naver Cast or a charged website video plays well but when using the product without AP access videos cannot be displayed.

    When using AP, iPhone only carries out intermediate management, and IW100 or AIRXEL brings content directly from the web site (MP4 is used for the data type).If not using AP (LTE), iPhone brings content directly and delivers content in a streaming format again.The form of HLS (Apple created HTTP Live Streaming and it became the standard) is used.Here, Apple uses the term mlHLS and provides service in their own way by applying slight modification, and only Apple TV supports it officially.The relevant product was manufactured and supported based on Android. Currently, it is not possible for video files to be played through the AP access.
  • 3. Where can I select Screen mirroring/Miracast?

    (1) For a Samsung phone, select Settings>Screen mirroring. (2) For an LG phone, select Settings>Connection and file exchange>Miracast. (3) For a Pantech phone, select Settings>More Network>Miracast. (Models after VEGA Iron) (4) For Google, Settings>Display>Mirroring (Models after Nexus 5)
  • 4. While playing a video file the screen stops or shows a broken image (mosaic).

    When the Wi-Fi performance has deteriorated, the screen may stop or show a broken image during operation. This occurs especially when a third party or defective power supply unit is used. At this time, fully charge the smartphone and connect it to the beam projector for usage.
  • 5. Flashing or connection time delay occurs when I use the mirroring function.

    Depending on the smartphone model, compatibility issues such as short flashing or connection time delay may occur.It may occur when the remaining battery level of smartphone and the product is low. Charge the battery. Flashing may occur temporarily if the smartphone has received an SMS message or an incoming phone call.
  • It is stated in the manual that a tripod should be purchased separately.Where can I purchase one?

    The tripod used at the bottom of Dongle cannot be purchased from other suppliers. It can be purchased only from us (the price may vary).
  • 1. What is the difference between 2 GHz and 5 GHz?

    The tripod used at the bottom of Dongle cannot be purchased from other suppliers. It can be purchased only from us (the price may vary).
  • 2. What are the definition of Miracast and AirPlay?

    The figures indicate Wi-Fi speed. (1) 4 GHz: Many routers use 2.4 GHz.There is a large amount of interference, so the wireless quality is not good.Currently, most routers used in homes use 2.4 GHz. (2) 5 GHz: Not many routers use 5 GHz. Therefore, the wireless quality is good. More data can be transmitted.
  • 3. What is the difference between Mirroring and Android Play?

    Miracast: It was released by WiFi Alliance, developed and used by Google or Dongle developer (Samsung – Screen Mirroring, LG – Miracast) AirPlay – Apple – AirPlay – Function to deliver the Player screen of cellphone to Dongle – AirPlay Mirroring – Function to deliver the screen of cellphone to Dongle
  • 4. When Dongle is connected there is a limitation in available services in comparison to Android. Why is that?

    Function to encode and deliver the screen of a terminal to Dongle.The screen is shown on both the cellphone and Dongle at the same time. Play Function to encode and deliver the Player screen of a cellphone to Dongle.The Player screen of the cellphone is changed to the Miracast screen.
  • 5. How can I update the Dongle firmware?

    (1) Only services officially supported in Apple are available (Apple policy). (2) In case of sound sources or video purchased by money payment, video was supported until early 2014, but currently it is not supported (fair play). (3) Supported functions. AirPlay Mirroring: Internet Streaming such as Naver, Daum and YouTube Sound sources and videos saved on iPhone by the user through ITunes ,AirPlay, Extended Display, AirPlay Play.The YouTube service through the browser is available (YouTube application should not be installed.If the YouTube application has been installed, Play will be switched from the browser to YouTube application).
  • 6. What is the definition and role of Intent?

    Enter router connection menu (Press the AP mode switch key for a long period of time) -> Firmware Check (Reboot if you do not want to update)Note: Server position: firmware.innoio.com/IW100 (Amazon server in Japan).
  • 7. How fast is the content bitrate (transmission speed) of Dongle?

    (1) Meaning in the dictionary: Object used for the purpose of exchanging data between various activities forming one application and delivering ‘intent’ to do something to the target (Type of signal for data exchange). (2) Cellphone and Dongle have Intent values designed to compare values and operate based on the wireless frequency on the device with a higher value. (3) For Miracast, it is connected differently according to the connecting cellphone. (4) Generally, 5 GHz displays a better quality, so if the cellphone is not connected to the router, 5 GHz is set. (5) In general, IW100 – 1, Samsung cellphone – Generally 13, LG cellphone – Generally 1 – If IW100 is connected to a Samsung cellphone If a Samsung cellphone is not connected to the router – 5 GHz If a Samsung cellphone is connected to the router – Same frequency with the connected router – The general public mainly uses 2.4 GHz routers, so it is highly possible to be connected with 2.4 GHz. – If IW100 is connected to an LG cellphone If the Intent value of the LG cellphone is low: It should be set as same as the frequency of IW100 but it is set differently for LG cellphones. If the Intent value of the LG cellphone is high: IW100 is set as same as the frequency of LG cellphones. => In conclusion, LG cellphones have low intent value, so 1 is set for the intent value of Dongle.
  • 8. History of wireless LAN speed?

    A 1.2 hour long 2 GByte movie file is possible. #2 GByte = 16 GBits (2 GByte*8) 8 Gbits per hour = 8000 Mbits 133 Mbits per minute 2 Mbits per second For a 10 G bytes video, 10 M bits per second is the maximum speed supported by Dongle.
  • 9. The wireless quality is not good. Why is that?

    (1) Development of wireless standard: b > g > n > ac (2) Supported standard: b/g/n, 54Mbps (3) ac is not supported (it is possible to provide content to the general public with n.). (4) If it is upgraded to 4K, ac should be supported.
  • 10. When turning off the power to Dongle while downloading the firmware of Dongle. Dongle cannot operate. How can I solve this problem?

    (1) If the router has been replaced after establishing Miracast connection: Miracast connection should be established again. (2) If it is connected to Dongle through 5 GHz while 2.4 GHz router is connected: For LG cellphones, it does not follow the frequency of a device with a higher intent value even though it has a low intent value.
  • 11. What is an external wireless router?

    Check if a message saying “Please Connect” appears when turning on the power to Dongle again after the power is turned off while downloading the Dongle firmware. If Dongle cannot operate, it should be delivered to an A/S center for downloading the firmware again. This cannot be done by the customer. [A/S processing method] – AirPlay Key: Purchase from a third party in China, 500 KRW per key – HDCP Key: Purchase from DCP in U.S., 100 KRW per key – Downloading order and cautions Write AirPlay Key first->HDCP Key (why: in order not to delete HDCP key) Download only using the factory tool (why: Key is not supported if downloading using a different tool).
  • 12. There is a section regarding a wireless router connection in the manual. How can I connect to it?

    It is a device connected to a high-speed Internet cable and allows a number of computers to access the Internet. It is called a router since it allows a number of computers to connect to one Internet line.
  • 13. Where can I check the serial number?

    (1) It is possible to connect to a device which uses the iOS operating system (iPhone/MacBook/iPad).Android OS cellphones are available. However, the laptop computer can be connected only if Wi-Fi can be used. (2) When AP is connected, the signal bandwidth becomes wider and the Internet can be used for free when conducting a task using data after connecting Smartbeam. (3) How to connect A. Press the Mode button for 5 seconds on the wireless connection waiting screen to access AP connection mode. B. Connect “IW100xxxx” from Wi-Fi settings of the smartphone or laptop computer. C. Enter the IP displayed on the screen into the address bar of the web browser on the smartphone or laptop computer to change the settings. D. Select “Connect to an access point” on the connected webpage and press the Scan button to display currently available APs for access. E. Select the AP you wish to use. When the connection is made, the name of the connected AP will be displayed on the information display. (4) Before connecting to AP, it is recommended to make an iOS wireless connection and then connect to an external wireless router.
  • 14. How can I check when the product has been manufactured?

    (1) For Smartbeam, you can check the S/N from the sticker at the bottom of Smartbeam. (2) For Dongle, you can check the S/N from the sticker at the bottom of Dongle.